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Necta Jazz Can and Bottle


Necta Jazz Combi

JAZZ from Necta allows a complete refreshment service to be offered to smaller sites where space is limited, thanks to its compact footprint. Jazz offers a fantastic selection of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles. Alternatively snack only or can and bottle models are available. To ensure client satisfaction, the Jazz also has a sensor in the delivery area which detects if a product has actually been vended. Alone or banked with Opera, Jazz is the ideal machine for today's demanding vending marketplace.


The modern Necta Jazz machine will compliment your canteen or break-out area whilst providing a multitude of popular snack, food and drink selections to your staff. Offering complete product range flexibility, from the traditional array of chocolate and fizzy drinks, through to a nutritious assortment of fruit, oat bars and nuts – the Jazz can be configured precisely to satisfy your office requirements.

The machine design itself is simple and practical, with LED lighting and large graphical display. The selection interface is extremely user-friendly, featuring an LED back-lit keypad. This combination machine also has the capacity for varied temperature levels allowing staff to enjoy food, snacks and drinks at optimal temperatures.


  • Customizable spiral layout offering snack,cans,bottles and tetrapacks
  • Lit with low heat/low energy LED lights
  • Small foot print, making it easy to install in virtually all offices
  • Links to contactless card and mobile phone payment system
necta jazz features
  • Flexible layout that can offer snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles
  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption
necta jazz features 2
  • Capacitive 'Touch Sensitive' blue LED backlit keypad
  • Rolling price display
necta jazz features 3
  • Large graphical display 188 x 64 pixel
  • Payment system or freevend, coin or cashless systems at the same time.
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