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Food Vending Machines

Click on the machine images for large view and basic specification.

Westomatic Easy 6000

  • 8-drum model (shown)- standard capacity of 144 items
  • Up to 3 selling prices per drum
  • Clear display of all products
  • Automatic delivery door with in-built safety feature

Necta Festival

  • Either 8, 9 or 10 drum models available
  • 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 compartments per drum
  • Empty sectors control check for tampering
  • Electronic price display
  • Slide in cooling unit
  • Independent drums with a diameter of 700mm (sector depth 280mm)

Necta Festival Classic

  • 8 drums with up to 36 Compartments per drum.
  • Option to take up to 3 payment systems at once.
  • Electronic price display
  • Low power consumption LEDs
  • Independent drum operation - if one drum is damaged, out of order or being cleaned, the machines still operates

Necta Samba Top Food

  • Two separate temperature areas: below 4 in the lower 3 trays for food products, and 8-14 in the upper 3 trays for snacks and cold drinks
  • Patented directional LED lighting
  • Photocell detection system guaranteed delivery
  • Excellent capacity /size ratio