Necta Zeta

necta zeta can vendor

The Zeta range is extremely flexible and can dispense a large variety of products, including 0.25l and 0.33l cans and the most common Pet or glass bottles (with diameters ranging from 62mm up to 73mm). The Zeta range can also vend the most commonly used product sizes, including 20 oz Pet bottles (equivalent to 0.6l) and 12 oz cans (equivalent to 0.355l). There are three models available - Zeta 450, 550 and 750 - which offer different capacities and selections. With the option of three different dispensing systems (chute for cans, single and double columns for cans and bottles) the Zeta is certain to satisfy every possible location.

  • 6 Selections.
  • Minmum capacity 272 0.5L bottles
  • Maximum capacity 0.33L cans 544